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Triad Orbit O2 Dual Boom Arm

Triad Orbit - Orbit O2 - Micstand Extension

Get the best angle with the Triad Orbit Orbit O2 Microphone stand Extension.

Triad Orbit Orbit O2 Micstand Extension

Triad-Orbit Orbit O2, 2-arm Micstand extension, Dual-Arm BoomA TRIAD Stand with a ORBIT Dual-Arm Boom does the work of two stands when multiple mics are called for and space is limited . perfect for grand pianos, upright basses, snare drums (top & bottom), guitar and vocals, choirs, big bands, and orchestras. each arm is telescopic and equipped with the stainless steel ball swivel mechanism (360° x 220°), center ball swivel housing provides an additional 150° of left-right motion to the two boom arms, IO Quick-Change Couplers terminate the end of every O2 arm, Boom Arms Range: 43 - 61 cm, Boom Arms Range of Motion: thomann 360° x 220°, Center Swivel Range of Motion: 150°, weight: 2,2 kg, 2 adaptors (black brass) 5/8" to 3/8" (for European-style mic-holders) are included, compatible Triad-Orbit System

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