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Audix SCX25PS Piano Recording Pack

Audix SCX25A-PS Piano Recording Pack

Audix SCX25A-PS Piano Recording Pack with an innovative design.

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Audix SCX25A-PS Piano Recording Pack

Piano is one of the most challenging instruments to reproduce, particularly in a live performance where there are other instruments on stage. The SCX25A, in addition to producing a highly transparent and remarkably accurate sound, is designed so that it can be easily positioned parallel to the soundboard. To further enhance ease of placement, Audix provides the Dflex mounting clip which attaches directly to the rail of the piano, enabling the microphone to be placed securely just about anywhere on the soundboard.

In a live sound or live broadcast environment, the instruments surrounding the piano will often bleed into the piano mics. In order to compensate for this sound leakage, it requires the piano be played in either the short stick or closed lid position. The SCX25A, with its low profile and phase coherent reproduction, is the best microphone for this application.

With its innovative design and patented capsule suspension system, the SCX25A has earned a reputation for the most compact large diaphragm condenser microphone on the market. The piano package includes two SCX25A mics, 2 Dflex mounting clips, and 2 high quality quad conductor microphone cable with braided shield to help reduce noise induction from external sources.

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