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  1. Audix ADX-51 Studio / Instrument Condenser Mic

    The Audix ADX-51 is a pre-polarised condenser microphone for overheads, cymbals, high-hat and acoustic instruments.

  2. Audix CX212B Large Dual Diaphragm Condenser

    Audix CX212B Large Dual Diaphragm Condenser with a contemporary design and excellent performance characteristics.

  3. Audix DP5A Drum Pack

    Audix DP5A Drum Pack is a close miking 5 piece microphone kit.

  4. Audix DP7 Drum Pack

    Get an outstanding combination of drum microphones with the Audix DP7 Drum Pack.

  5. Audix DPELITE 8 Drum Pack Elite 8

    The Audix DPELITE8 Drum Pack Elite 8 contains an array of microphones that suit a wide variety of needs for critical...

  6. Audix SCX25A Condenser Microphone

    Audix SCX25A condenser microphone perfect for capturing the sound of acoustic instruments.

  7. Audix SCX25PS Piano Recording Pack

    Audix SCX25A-PS Piano Recording Pack with an innovative design.

  8. Audix TM1 Plus Omni-Directional Test & Measurement Mic

    Audix TM1 Plus Omni-directional test and measurement microphone for RTA and software systems.

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