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Earthworks SR40 Cardioid Mic

Earthworks SR40 microphone for quiet and loud sources

Earthworks cardioid SR40 microphone for quiet and loud sources

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Earthworks SR40 Cardiod Mic

Earthworks cardioid microphones have patented near-perfect cardioid patterns. The sound across the entire front hemisphere is remarkably uniform and is flatter at 90 degrees than most microphones are on-axis. The SR Series have an incredible transparent sound quality, offering near-perfect polar response and high rejection of sounds at the rear of the microphone, resulting in less leakage and more gain before feedback.


  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Offers an extended high frequency response, extremely fast impulse response, short diaphragm settling time, exceptional cardioid polar pattern, and high rejection of sounds from the rear of the microphone
  • Intended for a wide range of applications, ranging from drum overheads to miking a guitar cabinet, or as a solo microphone
  • Ideal choice for a variety of instruments including sax, flute, trumpet, guitar, piano, and percussion
  • Superior for vocals or choir because it doesn’t spotlight, rather, it uniformly picks up an entire section
  • Popular among concert tapers because of its open uncolored sound and among jazz enthusiasts for its ability to capture explosive performances while retaining the subtle nuances of artistic expression
  • 30Hz – 40kHz frequency response, revealing subtleties in the sound that are non-existent from microphones with less high frequency range, and enabling musical performances to exhibit greater depth and realism
  • Extremely fast impulse response that enables the microphone to acquire fast transients far more accurately
  • The exceptionally short diaphragm setting time allows the SR40 to reveal subtle low level nuances in sound that other microphones mask
  • Near-perfect cardioid polar pattern ensures that the microphone will not beam or spotlight and provides significantly more gain before feedback than conventional microphones
  • The polar response also enables vocalists or instruments at the sides of the microphone (at 45- or 90-degrees) to have the same pristine sound quality as those at the front of the microphone, and in addition, it facilitates the use of fewer microphones with closer placement to the source, enabling yet additional gain before feedback in live sound applications
  • With an acoustic input rating of 145 dB SPL, the new SR40 is a first-rate performer when it comes to capturing loud sound sources
  • Be it a guitar cabinet or a close miked trumpet or saxophone, the SR40 is ideally suited to handle challenging instruments
  • The exceptional rear rejection performance enables the SR40 to easily isolate instruments in a recording or live performance setting, thus minimizing acoustic bleed
  • Effortlessly handle up to 145dB SPL while simultaneously revealing subtle details that other microphones mask
  • Provides excellent results for both live performance and recording applications
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