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Pop Audio Pop Classic Edition

Pop Audio Pop Classic Edition - Full Pop Filter

The Pop Audio Pop Shield Filter Classic Edition designed to offer uncompromising performance in any recording situation.

Pop Audio Pop Classic Edition

The Pop Audio Pop Classic Edition is a strong, flexible and adaptable pop shield designed to offer uncompromising performance in any recording situation. 

The Pop Audio Pro Classic Edition comes with a classic dual layer fabric filter made of two layers of acoustically transparent fabric designed to provide effective filtering in most situations.

Reimagining a popular design, the Pop Audio pop filter has taken every part of the design and looked at how it could be improved. As a result, the gooseneck arm has been replaced with a ball and socket joint, which offers much more strength and stability.  The clamp as also been replaced to make it fast and easy to attach the pop shield onto the mic stand. Once clipped the clamp grips strongly onto the stand preventing from any unwanted movement. Finally the filters attach simply with a twist and click mechanism making it easy and fast to change different filters.


  • Re-imagined pop shield concept
  • Includes dual layer fabric filter
  • Ball and socket joint for unparalleled strength and stability
  • New clamping for fast positioning and strong grip
  • Easily change filter
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