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Palmer PRMLS Line Splitbox

Palmer - PRMLS - Line Splitbox 4 Channel

Palmer PRMLS 4 Channel Line level Modular Split Box

Palmer PRMLS Line Splitbox

A 4-channel modular passive Line level splitter system. Each module of the PRM-LS has 4 channels, comprising of one XLR input, one parallel XLR output and 2-balanced XLR transformer isolated outputs.

Split Boxes

Sound engineering not only involves combining signals, but also directing them to different channels. The simplest way to do this is by using a so-called hardware split. The basic design is called a Y cable. But linking several mains-powered devices increases the chance of a ground loop occurring.

A passive splitter box eliminates this danger by using so-called “split” transformers. These audio transformers have one input winding and several output windings. This isolates the devices from each other. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the signal from one source must act as a driver for several loads.

Active or Passive Signal Distributors

A low impedance mixing console output can easily drive a dozen power amplifiers. In most cases, this can be handled by a passive splitter. But do not forget that a short circuit at one of the outputs will be transmitted to the other outputs by the transformer, interrupting or, at the very least, weakening the total signal. Decoupling resistors can reduce this effect but will also cut down the signal level.

Microphone signals, which operate at extremely low levels, are more susceptible to interference. Active splitters are preferable where longer cables are used and where professional standards are required. There are obvious advantages here. The “plug box” is located on stage near the microphones, so only short cable lengths are required. The active splitter can also boost low microphone signals. This considerably improves the quality of the signal before it is transmitted along the multi-core cable.

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