Studer have always been at the forefront of analogue tape development, making machines true to the Swiss clockmaking heritage and capable of the ultimate performance.

In the early 1960’s, Studer  produced the first European-made  multitrack machine – the J37. This was capable of offering a variety of formats by changing headblocks and guides, including half inch two track, half inch three track and famously one inch four track – the format used for the legendary Beatles Sgt Pepper’s album recorded at Abbey Road. Takes were ping-ponged from machine to machine resulting in perhaps the first multi-layered complex production (though Les Paul and Mary Ford might argue.)

Very few of these beautiful machines survive these days and almost all that do are in poor shape.

We took delivery of two machines from a famous French Studio, the first of which has been lovingly restored by Bath based electronics supremo, Neil Perry of Raw State. Neil went down to component level and refurb’d every aspect of this beautiful machine, helped by a crate of Studer C37 and J37 spares we bought at great cost from New York. The resulting machine is probably the quietest, smoothest and best sounding J37 in captivity. And how does it sound? Full, fat, silky smooth and beyond amazing.

And here’s the final result…