Rolling Stones Exhibitionism

When the Rolling Stones decided to mount an exhibition of the band’s history, they wanted to recreate an authentic late 1960’s/early1970’s recording studio.

Naturally their first, and last, port of call was to the acknowledged specialists in vintage gear – Funky Junk.

Our brief was to find a recording console that was sufficiently compact to fit the available space but attractive and, crucially, of the right period. After an extensive search, we found a late 1960s REBIS recording desk, one of only four made. Two of these rare desks were installed in The Manor Studios (and used to record Tubular Bells) and producer Tom Newman’s private studio.

Rolling Stones Rebis console Exhibitionism

The exhibiton organisers were delighted. The space available at the Saachi galler was limited, but we were also able to furnish them with a few bits of period outboard, some very rare period microphone stands and a set of (boxed) Eagle headphones from the early 1970s.

Mister Michael Jagger has been quoted as saying the exhibition turned out better than he expected. Well, we did our best sir… we always do.