Neve 8068 MkII Refurb… In progress

Since we received our special shipment from Nigeria, we have been very busy here at Funky HQ.

The Boffins have spent a great deal of time and hard work refurbishing a rare and splendid Neve 8068 Mk II.

The first stage was to recap and refurb the power supplies and frame prior to powering up.



We asked our tech Matt Sartori for an update earlier today, and here’s what he wrote:

We have currently cleaned and recapped 4x 31102 mic preamps chassis and are using them as test benches to test all the plug in cards.


We have recapped and overhauled all the famous BA284 and BA283 cards responsible for the Neve sound. So what we are doing is testing them in a sequence by using the 4x 31102 chassis the to make sure they are all in within specifications.

So far we have had great results and all the cards sound and measure healthy and in great shape!

We’ll now proceed to clean all the other 31102 mic preamp modules, fit all the tested cards in and run them through an intensive set of test to ensure nothing fails.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and the end result.