NEVE 8068

Client ‘R’ was planning a high-end analogue studio in Spain. After taking advice from leading US producers and engineers, he was referred to us.

We specified a complete studio set up including a classic Neve 8068 console, Prism converters ad Protools and a compliment of new and used classic outboard and microphones.

We tracked down a beautiful Neve and flew it in from Canada. It was fully refurbished in our workshops by leading specialist Blake Devitt assisted by our techs. Meanwhile, we specified and prepared a complete wiring installation, racks and instruments, including a Hammond C3 and Leslie 145, a Wurlizer EP200 and original Ampex Portflex bass rig. The equipment was delivered door to door by Graham at Audiomoves and installed by Mattia Sartori and Peter Higgs. Blake flew out to commission the desk and the entire system was ready for the first session less than three months from the original referral.

The start…

The Restoration

Final work and… Result!