MCI JH500 Console

MCI JH500 Console

As Europe’s leading analogue console specialists, we are extremely wary about the desks we’re prepared to get involved with.

There are consoles that sound great but require too much and require obsolete parts so we avoid them (and urge extreme caution to clients who ask our advice).

However, on occasions a customer will have the common sense (and budget) to invest in a fully refurbished desk, such as this beautiful MCI JH500, one of the best sounding desks ever made.

Like most MCI consoles, the desk had suffered from a lack of TLC over the years. Under the careful eye of MCI specialist, Peter Clarke, our Boffins, augmented by Graeme Jones (ex Wessex, Matrix, Maison Rouge) undertook a thoroughgoing refurbishment over a period of two months, recapping, re switching and generally refurbishing from the ground up.

Many thanks to Phil from Eastcote for his generous advice and the loan of some rare, rare parts. Graeme regularly maintains the desk, which is churning out hot sessions daily for the (record company) owner.