Focusrite ISA 110 and ISA 130

The original Focusrite ISA 110 mic pre/eq modules have gained an enviable reputation for punch and clinical equalisation, unsurprising perhaps as they were designed by Mr. Rupert Neve in his first venture after selling his original Neve company to Siemens in 1983.

However, as many sad eBay buyers have found to their cost, these modules invariably require a great deal of work to bring them back to life.

We recently sourced and sold a rack of four eq’s and two ISA130 compressors for a client in Australia. He tracked down another four equalisers and asked us to service all eight and rack the two compressors separately.

We are lucky to have access to the services of Lincoln Fong, one of the best and most assiduous analogue technicians in Europe, if not the world. Lincoln spent six weeks refurbishing the ISA110s and designed a two way rack for the refurbished compressors. It was a time consuming and extremely skilled job, and as always Lincoln has delivered a stunning result for our lucky client.