A day in the Funky life…

A typical week at Funky Junk is like painting the Forth Bridge… as soon as we’ve cleared some space it fills up again.

Simone and the crew spent two days clearing the warehouse and the workshop to reveal… SPACE!
But here we go again…

At least this refurbished SSL 4000G won’t be here long. It’s now crated with looms and accessories ready to be shipped to China for a new facility.

Just as well, because a spiffing SSL Duality has turned up, ready to be serviced en route to Miami along with an SSL AWS and a package of mics and outboard.

Hey, move over big boy… Having been lovingly restored by technical guru Neil Perry in Bath, this beautiful Studer tube one inch four track beauty has returned to base, ready for a new home.

And now for a classic vibe – this vintage Trident Series 80B has turned up ready to be overhauled before delivery to a UK client for his new studio.

Looks like we’ve got our hands full for the next week or two. Until the next truckload turns up, that is. And it’s coming soon… This week sees the arrival of another SSL AWS, a Hammond
organ and a truck load of outboard and Protools just in time for Christmas.