SSL 4040G Console Refurbishment

We were tasked with providing a refurbished SSL G series console to an important client in Hong Kong.
We found a suitable console in a Production School, but it had been badly neglected. We took it into our workshops and in conjunction with specialist console technician, Pete Higgs of Mode Engineering, totally renovated the desk from motherboards up.

Each module was serviced, recapped where necessary and painstakingly cleaned by hand, inside and out. Power supplies were rebuilt, centre section recapped and rescreaned and the desk lined up to factory spec. We even recovered the side cheeks and the buffers, using the company SSL used to use for the 4000 series. The result looks and sounds like new, and is rock solid.

The console was crated in our workshops and shipped by air to Hong Kong, arriving at the studio three days after it left us. We even arranged for customs clearance and door to door delivery.

The studio is on an upper floor of a multistorey building so had to be winched up several flights and hauled through a window. We arranged for Peter Higgs and an assistant to fly out to commission and install the entire studio. Once the desk was inside the building, Peter and his assistant split the console to get it into the control room, reassembled and commission it in situ.

We’ll post updates of the finished room in a few weeks.

At Funky HQ…

Delivery in Hong Kong…