The Funky Junk Environmental Policy


The Funky Junk Environmental policy

DO YOU KNOW that collectively we throw away four million double-decker bus loads of electrical appliances and electronic goods every year? FOUR MILLION. That lot would probably stretch to the moon and back. Just imagine the fare…Doesn’t bear thinking about.

We’re shafting the planet, and it’s the only one we’ve got.

Here at Funky, we’ve always been acutely conscious of our responsibilities to future generations. For almost thirty years we have been recycling, repairing, servicing and prolonging the life of equipment that might otherwise clutter up landfills and pollute the planet. Lofty ideals maybe, but also practical. Giving new life to old treasures isn’t merely a matter of helping the environment, but makes sound economic sense. Why spend hard-earned money on new gear when your existing equipment would be perfectly OK if was serviced or repaired?

Our philosophy is, if it’s broke – fix it, don’t throw it in next door’s garden. And remember – equipment once only deemed worthy of a skip is now often regarded as classic for the simple reason that properly maintained, it sounds better.

If it’s broke – fix it!

But our thrifty concern for scarce resources doesn’t stop there. Wherever possible we recycle packaging and crates. Sure, it’s more time consuming and arduous to refashion new boxes from old, shred paper for box-filling and recycle old crates for new shipments…indeed, when time and labour is taken into account, it works out more costly. But cost is relative. We don’t put a price on re-using finite resources.

Crates and boxes are re-purposed and reused

We’re always keen to prolong the life of technology others throw away, hence our CHARITY SCHEME, under which generous clients donate equipment they no longer need and we service, repair and then distribute (at our cost) to worthwhile causes. They put it to use for training, education or production for those not fortunate enough to have access to facilities. A win-win deal if ever there was one. All it requires is a little thought and a lot of willing.

Funky Junk arranged a donation of a beautiful grand piano to the Arts & Media School of Islington

Wherever possible, we factor in the needs of the planet to the way we conduct business, as do many of our clients.  So please think before you chuck away that gizmo you no longer use. Think before you consign that broken compressor to the scrap heap. Think before you burn those cardboard boxes you could adapt for another shipment.  Turn off your gear when you’re not using it to save electricity. Insulate your studio to reduce heating and air conditioning costs. Save water – bath with a friend.