Sound Bites: SSL AWS Console

Solid State Logic have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to console design. Not surprisingly for a company that understands more about analogue console design and automation than any other, SSL understood how music production was changing and introduced the AWS range of consoles twelve years ago. Over 1000 have now been sold and it remains one of the most desirable analogue consoles on the market. We know these desks well, having now sold a dozen or so new and more than thirty reconditioned used desks. They’re reliable, extremely well designed and crucially, they sound great.

The AWS 900/924 offers twenty four mic/line inputs with four band swept eq, and four auxiliaries (two mono and one stereo) although of course direct and group outs can also be used to increase auxiliary sends. With eight groups, direct outputs and a classic mix bus compressor, the AWS offers traditional SSL ‘superanalogue’ sound, in keeping with J and K9000 technology. The icing on the cake is DAW control, meaning that this compact but sturdy console provided an all-in-one solution for the musician, engineer and producer, whether in a private or a commercial setting.

The AWS948 is the most recent additional to the range and offers 24 stereo or dual path inputs, giving 48 line inputs in an extremely compact space. Sonically, it retains the classic SSL sound but with enhanced features such as stereo direct outs.

Expensive? Not really, bearing in mind the quality and facilities. Oh, and they also hold their value.

We offer exceptional professional deals on new and used SSL AWS consoles and can supply cost-effective patchbay systems to order.

Some photos of a recently received SSL AWS 948 with a custom ‘wine’ (purple) buffer:

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