Sound Bites: Pearl DC-63

Pearl DC-63

I purred like my cat did when she stole my Christmas turkey a few year back as I received my favourite Pearl DC-63 microphone back from those top geezers at Pearl Microphone Laboratories. They had lovingly serviced my treasured mic, enabling it to resume its working life back at SNAP! Studios.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Pearl mics, and remain bemused why the company is such a well-kept secret. Founded shortly after Neumann in the 1930s, the company has always pursued its own idiosyncratic approach to microphone design, inventing and developing an exceptional rectangular ‘honeycomb’ capsule. As opposed to the standard circular capsule used by most manufacturers, Pearl capsules combine the accuracy of multiple small diaphragms with the mass of large to produce a detailed sounds with the fullness that suggests ‘warmth’. Clients unused to Pearl mics are invariably stunned by the realistic results and musicality they offer.

I have owned this 1960s DC-63 for more than twenty years and have always loved the sound but it was a tad noisy. Now it’s been lovingly serviced, I can’t wait to put it back to work.

I’d be interested to hear from any other Pearl fans, particularly owners of their range of classic mics from the past.
Eccentric. August 2016.

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