Sound Bites: Our Demo Room


Professionals know that trustworthy monitors are the single most important factor in producing good recordings. However, there is a bewildering choice these days and one size most certainly can never fit all. Quite apart from personal preferences, factors such as the size of the room, the type of music being made and budget have a crucial bearing on the final choice.

Magazines and dealers are quick to make recommendations, but these are often based on the advertising muscle of manufacturers or the vested interests of dealers, who promote their own exclusive or highest margin lines.

Funky Junk has a simple philosophy; we help clients choose the best possible solution in their interests, not ours. Typical of this approach has been our substantial investment in an acoustically designed studio control room where customers can spend as long as they like comparing different monitors using our special Palmer speaker comparator, which offers instant switching between ten pairs of monitors by remote control. The unit is transformer balanced to offer transparent auditioning. Moreover, all (or most) speakers are mounted on the same crazily heavy concrete-reinforced shelving unit (custom built for Townhouse Recording Studios) – we learnt early on the extent to which different stands colour the sound and the importance of a ‘level playing field’ to ensure that monitor comparisons are accurate and fair.

Some dealer advertise a wall of speakers without understanding the drawbacks; the proximity of so many loudspeakers dramatically affects performance, positioning distorts comparisons and imagery is completely lost. Stacking several dozen monitors against the wall in a poorly treated room invariably results in a dreadful sound. This is the worst possible way to audition costly monitors that may mean the difference between a killer mix and a jumble of noise.

Our demo room has received plaudits from some of the best respected recording and mastering engineers in the industry, and it’s no surprise that leading monitor manufacturers are desperate to have their brands represented here. Much as we’d love to carry everything under the sun in our demo stock, we’ve chosen those monitors that we believe fulfil our demanding criteria of offering the best results in a variety of price ranges. Although we can arrange demos of most if not all leading monitors by prior appointment, we carry the following carefully selected monitors on permanent demo.

Please note: A dozen pairs are always on demonstration. Others are in our stock room and can be added to the demo array on request. We can also loan pairs of most monitors for clients to demo in their own facility. Finance is available for eligible customers.


We are main London dealers for ATC Professional
atc-scm45s 3-Way Active Studio Monitor


3-Way Active Studio Monitor

atc-scm45s 3-Way Active Studio Monitor


3-Way Active Studio Monitor

atc-scm25a 3-way active monitors


Remarkable compact three way active monitors

atc-scm20a 2-way Active Monitors


Two-way near/mid field monitors

Neumann-kh310a-1 Active Monitors

Neumann KH310

Active Studio Monitors

Neumann-kh120a-Active Monitors

Neumann KH120

Active Studio Monitors

We are main London dealers for Adam Audio Professional
Adam Audio-s3x-h-Active Nearfield

Adam Audio S3x-H

3 Way Active Nearfield Monitors

Adam Audio s2x-Active-Nearfield

Adam Audio S2X

Active Nearfield Monitors


Adam Audio a7x- Active Monitors

Adam Audio A7X

Active Monitors

Sole London dealers for ProAc Professional
proac-sm100-2 Passive Reference Monitors

ProAc SM100

Passive Reference Monitors – with Bryston or ATC power amp

Focal sm9-active monitors

Focal SM9

Active Monitors

Focal Trio 6 3-way midfield monitors (active)

Focal Trio

3-Way Mid-field Monitor

focal twin-6be-active near field

Focal Twin

Active Near Field Monitors

aps-aeon- active near-midfield monitors

APS Aeon

Near/Mid Field Monitors

APS Klasik active 2-way speakers

APS Klasik

Active 2-Way Speakers

Unity Audio super-rock-active monitors

Unity Audio Super Rock

Active Monitors

unity-audio-boulder-mkII-active 3 way

Unity Audio The Boulder

Active 3-Way Monitors

unity audio rock-mk2-active monitors

Unity Audio Rock Mk2

Active Monitors

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