Sound Bites: Pro-Audio Highlights of 2017

Pro-Audio Highlights of 2017

The mountain of new gear hitting the market in 2017 made me wonder how anybody had managed to record back in the distant days of 2016, let alone the dark ages of the twentieth century.

Sadly, almost all the new releases fell into two camps; cheap Chinese microphones re-badged in the States with one or more zeros added to the cost price or shoddy clones of audio classics. There were a few exceptions that promise to become established fixtures on the pro-audio scene however, including:


We were impressed by the build quality and performance of these superbly engineered Russian microphones. Unlike most other new arrivals, Soyuz produce an original and highly distinct range of mics that stand comparison with the best European offerings. Made entirely in their own factories outside Moscow and drawing on decades of East European manufacturing experience by companies such as Lomo, Soyuz mics sound as impressive as they look. With artists such as Coldplay choosing them in preference to established vintage and classic mics, Soyuz are most definitely here to stay.






It was nice to see UK company Thermionic Culture come up with another winner in the superb SWIFT equaliser. In a crowded marketplace, Thermionic continue to produce outstanding processing equipment that deserves a place in professional recording and mastering racks. Definitely a success story of recent years.




ATC go from strength to strength, their main problem being fulfilling orders due to such heavy demand. The company added to their market leading SCM25a midfield monitors with a big brother, the SCM45a featuring two bass drivers. This has filled a gap in the market and become a ‘must have’ for production suites and larger studios.


Other products worthy of mention include Triad Orbit microphone stands, Trident 88 series recording consoles and the new Royer R-10 entry level ribbon mic.










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