Sound Bites: ATC Speakers

All studio monitor manufacturers claim to be market leaders but in ATC’s case, it’s true.

ATC dealer of the year


Why, you may wonder, are such expensive and ungimmicky speakers so in demand by professionals worldwide? The answer is simple; they are expensive because they are built to a standard not a price and ungimmicky because when it comes to accurate monitoring, you can’t rewrite the laws of physics.

I can honestly say that in eight demonstrations out of ten, the client chooses ATC whatever his or her requirements. Yes, they don’t come cheap but once the customer has compared ATC to other speakers money ceases to be a problem; the best may cost more but it delivers outstanding results, lasts and holds its value.

So how do ATC speakers sound? Well, only a fool would try to describe sound in words so here goes…

To me ATC monitors are ‘grown up’ speakers. They have headroom galore so don’t struggle with full bass or sweet highs. They reproduce every nuance of a track effortlessly as if you’re listening to music rather than speakers. Try other monitors and you realise why ATCs are so impressive; suddenly you find the music struggling to escape rather than flowing through the room. But don’t be seduced by my sales-weasel blather – I urge you listen for yourself, either in our unique loudspeaker demonstration room or the peace and quiet of your own studio or living room. The usual wait is almost two months these days as demand goes through the roof but the upside is that we carry most models in stock. Oh, and our prices and after-sales support are the best around as you’d expect from ATC’s Professional Dealer of the Year.


Some of our best sellers explained:

The ATC SCM20ASL Pro Mk2 Active Monitors are babies of the active ATC professional range. Although two-way, they have a full sound and are perfect for small rooms, mobiles, broadcast and edit suites. Released last year to replace the ATC SCM20A (Mk1) they are a totally new design and should not be confused with the originals, which had a metal case and a brighter sound.

The ATC SCM20ASL Pro Mk2 Active Monitors have already proved extremely popular as hifi speakers for engineers and producers wanting the reliable ATC sound at home.


The ATC SCM25A Pro Active Monitor has been one of the major audio success stories of recent years, and were the first in a range of mid-priced/mid-sized monitors that bought uncompromising ATC quality to smaller professionals studios at an affordable price.

The ATC SCM25A Pro is a three way unit in a compact ported enclosure featuring a rugged nine-inch bass, three inch mid and ATCs own UK made tweeter. We were the first to review these when they came out and our SNAP! Studios was, I believe, the first facility to take delivery. We love them, our clients love them and our bank manager loves them. So do half a dozen more clients every month. Our only problem is getting hold of enough but we order months in advance so usually have pairs in stock


On permanent demo in our monitor demonstration room.


The ATC SCM45A Pro Active Studio Monitor is the most recent addition to the ATC mid-priced active monitor range, and is based upon the astonishingly popular ATC SCM25A Pro. The larger ported enclosure houses two nine inch bass drivers in addition to three inch mid and a tweeter to offer a more powerful bottom end with more headroom. Funksters Jamiroquai and Guitar Maestro Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine love them but I’m not sure if their neighbours do.


On permanent demo in our monitor demonstration room.



I’ve always thought the ATC SCM50ASL Pro* Pro to be the best balanced of the traditional ATC active monitors. Sales tend to be split between the hifi and professional recording markets with a few discerning broadcast an post-production studios thrown in for good measure. Effortless and gloriously musical, I highly recommend these to clients who have sufficient space and resources.


* SL stands for Super Linear bass driver



The ATC SCM100ASL Pro was a staple of recordist and broadcasters in the 1990s and was the monitor that established ATC in the professional market. Now totally updated with Super Linearbass driver and updated cosmetics the SCM100A-SL Pro features a rugged twelve inch bass is capable of filling large control rooms with three inch mid and a tweeter to provide smooth middles and highs. The perfect solution for those wanting ATC quality in a larger room.


The ATC SCM110ASL Pro is a well-kept secret; basically a pair of ATC SCM50A-SL Pros with two nine inch bass units rather than one in a larger enclosure. I first encountered them in a mastering facility in Copenhagen and was astonished by the accuracy in what was a fairly small but well-designed room. I’ve since recommended and supplied them to numerous clients who like the balance of nine inch bass drivers but need more oomph than the SCM50s offer.ATC SCM110ASL Pro

The ATC SCM150A SL Pro has become increasingly popular for larger studios in recent years. Best described as SCM100s with a fifteen inch rather than a twelve inch bass driver, the 150s are starting point for what I would describe as ATC Main Monitors. Plenty of manufacturers make monitors in this (£10K+) price range but most struggle in comparison with the SCM150s; a true, accurate and meaty pro monitoring rig.


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