Funky Staff Picks


As this year is coming to an end, Belinda has gone around the our office and warehouse asking the Funky staff to pick some of their favourite products (maybe something they wouldn’t mind finding under their Christmas trees) and what makes that item so valuable for them. So here is what the Funky Junk staff had to say…


Patrice: RME Fireface UCX Audio Interface

I’ve chosen the RME Fireface UCX as I have been using one for some years in my home studio.
I like it for its “no problem” approach. I never had a problem with its drivers, it always works, sound results are really good and the unit is built as a tank.
Every time I had to do some recording the results were there. Punchy, clear, “in your face” and really easy to mix due to quality. The TotalMix software is also really easy to use and gives you a clear image of what is going on. The RME’s preamps are extremely good with nice headroom and the latency is next to nothing. The RME UCX has only two mic preamps, if you need more, connect an Audient ASP880 via ADAT; it works very well for me.
The UCX will be perfect as a connections hub; I use it to connect my hardware synths, my tape machine, moog effect and so on. Even with my tape machine I got no audible latency which is great!


Josh Taylor: Neumann U67 Reissue

The last few years have seen a plethora of unexpected returns, ranging from the “y tho” to the “I’ve been so lost without you!”. The Neumann U67 Reissue is firmly in the latter camp.

Following on from a hugely successful U47 FET reissue, the reissue Neumann U67 is, again, cosmetically identical, internally indistinguishable (see our Facebook post for proof!) and almost half the price of an original vintage mic, when you can find one! Dave Way immediately gave it his stamp of approval (which is enough for me) and the mic is already seeing daily use in many of our top clients’ studios.

A modern classic all-time legend.


Adam Crowe: Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina

Perfect for both live and studio use, the Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina‘s stunning look and sonic excellence will bring a smile to your face. Crisp and clear detail with strong well defined bottom end, Edwina is perfect on vocals and acoustic instruments, drum overheads and so much more. Its impressive feedback control on stage has made it the microphone of choice for musicians like Milk Carton Kids, Sarah Jarosz, Molly Tuttle and too many others to mention.

Adam Pope: Trident 88 Desk

From a technical point of view, the Trident 88 desks are a welcome return to a product that is designed well.

Both for the signal path and construction quality.

It is a return to designing a product with both quality of audio design, and choice of components in mind, with attention to detail in its construction,

with a view that it should be reliable and can be easily maintained and serviced in the future.

Nick T: SSL Fusion

Number 1 on my Christmas List this year would be an SSL Fusion. I do most things in the box but like to insert a nice hardware analogue compressor and occasionally an Eq across the 2 buss throughout the mix process. The Fusion delivers a very useful and, from the samples I’ve heard, characterful toolkit to supplement this without a significant recall burden




Marc Dolley: Moog One

What’s that under the Christmas tree? Santa!!! Synthesiser! Big! Knobs! BOOM!!!! What can I say, a new Moog One Polysynth bigger in sound than Godzilla’s rumble trying to rush to the supermarket at 3:55pm on a Sunday afternoon, the 8-Voice and 16-Voice action will be ripping many a track’s lead synth line for years to come.

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    Moog One 16-Voice Analogue Synth

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  • SSL Fusion Analogue Outboard Processor

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  • Neumann U67 Reissue Tube Microphone

    Neumann U67 Reissue Tube Microphone

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  • RME Fireface UCX Audio Interface

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