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Will Gregory

Eagle-eyed viewers with an interest in the world around us may have noticed that the music for the recent BBC 4 documentary ‘Swarms’ was written by (and Stuart Gordon, a wonderful musician who sadly died recently). If Will’s name rings a (synthesised) bell, it’s because he is the musical maestro behind chart-toppers Goldfrapp.
Nothing sums up the diversity and versatility of the modern music industry more than this; a successful rock musician with a parallel career composing television and film soundtrack music. Plenty of other examples abound, including Zero 7 and Mogwai.
We understand that the equipment we supply must fulfil a greater variety of uses than was the case a decade ago. This is one reason why we recommend and supply ATC monitors to professional recordists of every ilk – they are equally at home recording/mixing chart albums and film soundtracks in almost any room. Indeed, the talented Mr Gregory is delighted with the ATC SCM25A’s we sold him (as are other recent clients including Real World Studios, Air Lyndhurst Studios, Royal Academy of Music, Birmingham Conservatory of music…now Royal Birmingham Conservatory of Music – congratulations Mr Lloyd-Webber – and many more).

The main problem with ATC monitors is the long delay between orders and delivery, a function of the fantastic worldwide success of this long established UK company. Uniquely, Funky Junk usually holds stock of the most popular models (20s, 25s and 45s) because we order in quantity months ahead. We also carry these on demo along with the fantastic SCM50A-SL, all available to demo either here, in Europe’s best purpose built demo facility, or in your own studio or home by arrangements.

We’re the UK’s leading supplier of ATC professional monitors. We’re also the UK’s leading suppliers of Neumann Studio mics, SSL and other consoles and a wide range of other new equipment, as well as being the country’s leading service centre for professional mics and outboard.
Funky Junk is as different from other audio suppliers as fine cheese is from dry chalk. We built and operate one of Europe’s leading studios so can put the equipment we sell through its paces and advise from first-hand experience rather than regurgitate misleading on-line reviews. We repair and service the equipment, so know better than anyone which gear is well made and which should be avoided, as well as offering the fastest, most efficient after sales support in the UK, if not Europe. We have proper acoustically designed demonstration facilities and carry more stock than any other supplier. This is why leading professionals throughout the UK as well as most of Europe, China, Eastern Europe, Africa and the US rely upon us for everything from a cable to a complete studio design, build and installation.


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