Pt 24 – August 2011

It has been a busy year. Very busy.

I had intended to post regular updates after our grand opening, but two family bereavements took my mind to another plain. Despite this, I’ve taken huge pleasure from witnessing some great records being cut at Snap, and have been humbled by the talent walking through the doors.

The results have exceeded my expectations. Our decision to push the boat out in so many directions has paid dividends all round. The studio is generally regarded as having one of the lowest noise floors in London and the Vovox cables allow us to capture the quietest whisper or the loudest roar in glorious detail. Visiting engineers have been delighted with the flexibility of the facility, frequently using four or five separate rooms to track complete bands with a single take. On which score, we’ve enjoyed several direct to half inch tape jazz sessions, the quality of which has been praised by no less a figure than Ray Staff, mastering supremo at Air Lyndhurst. (Thanks for recommending us to so many clients, Ray. We are not worthy…)

Snap won the Audio Media award for best new studio in the first year of operation, and has won accolades from many of the UK’s top artists and bands. But what has most pleased me is the vibe. It is without doubt the most relaxing and calming studio I’ve ever worked in. The kitchen has proved it’s worth time after time not just for munching the excellent take-aways supplied by some of North London’s best Greek, Turkish and Indian restaurants, but also for the increasing number of artists and producers who prefer to cook between sessions. The parking is a definite plus, accommodating enough cars to satisfy the biggest band and loading in or out backline has proved simplicity itself.

If all this sounds like promo-blah, then I apologise. I guess I’m chuffed that the results have validated so much hard work and investment. It’s rare to achieve such ambitious goals, but I can honestly say that Snap has done exactly that and more.

By now you will have heard all about the place from friends in the industry and possibly even used it for a session or two. If not, then come and have a look around. Marco and Ben are always up to their eyeballs engineering, but never too busy to take a break, make a cup of tea or coffee and give musicians, engineers or producers a guided tour. But only if it doesn’t interfere with that day’s session, so phone please ahead.