Pt 23 – April

It’s been a while since I last posted a Snap update…too long.

Despite the last few audio bricks remaining to be cemented into place, we opened our doors to clients six weeks ago and have been working pretty well solidly ever since.

And the good news? Well, most of the news, or rather the client feedback, has been good. The control and live rooms sound great, the place has a unique, creative, laid back vibe and by and large the faults book remains sparse. Oh, of course, we’ve had a few teething problems but nothing that wasn’t fixed as it arose.

Universal/Island Records took three weeks for a pretty full-on session. The first few days saw two session drummers dub-dub-dubbing away together (twenty eight mics around the kits), closely followed by eight piece brass and twelve piece string sessions. And then the choir. Despite the crowds, Snap felt spacious and relaxed. No claustrophobia or squeeze, although we ran out of coffee mugs. Thankfully, the all-night Sainsbury’s around the corner had plenty.

The session was produced by Liam Hough and engineered by Rick Wilkinson, assisted by Marco. After two weeks tracking in studio one, the session relocated to studio two to edit, clean up the tracks and comp on the SSL AWS in studio two. So even with both studios working at the same time, Snap felt friendly and relaxed.

Although the plan was for two weeks down time to finish off various fittings (doorbells, studio recording lights, reverse talkback, building work on the storage area in readiness for the EMT plates and tile room), sessions have continued to flood in, including some of he most exciting cutting-edge acts around.

So apologies for leaving the blog so long. I’ll try to update more often hereon in. Oh, and the blog will soon transfer to our new website (still very basic, but it will gradually expand to offer a better overview of the studios)­

See you soon. We have open days looming shortly, so you’re welcome to pop up for a drink and a nibble, a look and a listen. See you then