Pt 21 – The Sound Of Music

It’s been a long haul, but at last Snap resonates with the dubba-dubba-dubba-dub of drums and gentle strum of guitars.

Needless to say, the installation took longer (and of course cost more) than anticipated, but as usual this is down to unrealistic budgeting rather than too many unforeseen problems. The Vovox cable proved tricky to work with (but will hopefully justify the additional effort) and the extent of the install demanded two months rather than the three weeks anticipated.

So is Snap finished? Well, not quite. We have a short list of issues to be addressed including tuning the monitors (we currently have a back up pair of Tannoy DMT 2 x 15’s in situ), modifications and fixes to the desk, filling out the console sidecar with our custom API modules (designed and built by technical supremo Lincoln Fong) and fitting the custom Flying Fader Automation to the desk (probably a month or two away). Oh, and Studio Two remains to be completed, although the cabling is in place awaiting the arrival of new patchbays.

The first test session in Studio One started yesterday, with an unforeseen glitch as Marco slammed his thumb in a door and had to be rushed to casualty leaving Shelley to handle the session single handed. Thankfully, a comprehensive first-aid kit was on hand to apply temporary relief.

With faults book close at hand, tie lines and patchbay are being checked, the live room put to the test and the rig beta tested with a longsuffering band of guinea pigs. And next week, we’ll work through the inevitable list of fixes and glitches at the same time as applying a final coat of paint to the facility and a fulsome service on the console. The last few bits of missing outboard will arrive and be installed and we’ll get back to tuning the Tannoy Lockwoods.

Generally, the place feels and looks fantastic. It’s too early to pass judgement on whether the sound meets our demanding standards, but no major headaches have been encountered so far.

This weekend’s session will be followed by another test recording next weekend and then…

Our first outside session has been booked for the week commencing March 4th. Indeed, we kick off with something very, very special overseen by two of the UK’s leading producers. Doubtless it will be a baptism by fire, but it’s exactly the kind of gig we’ve been hoping for.