Pt 20 – Welcome Back

My absence hasn’t been because nothing has been happening but rather because the usual mess of builders, tools and construction chaos has been replaced by the hard graft of Steve Culnane and Steve Meeus as they lay, number, plot and terminate miles and miles of cables.

This is a seriously sophisticated wiring install (Steve’s designs and plans will be posted as an accompaniment to his install article shortly). Our requirements are for infinite flexibility, an ability to tie every room to every other, talkback, reverse talkback and foldback routable into every part of the building from both control rooms, extensive internet and Ethernet throughout and future proofing galore. This requires central patching and routing in the machine room and a detailed plan, drafted by Steve. The Vovox cable has proved unwieldy, making it unusually time consuming to deal with. Nevertheless, we’re fortunate to have two of the most experienced and skilled wiring technicians in the business on the job, and although it’s taken almost a month of solid work, this is half the time others reckoned we’d need.

By the time this is posted, we should have photos showing studio one and the live room ready to go, with outboard in the racks, cosmetics tidied up and the desk fully loaded, ready to go. And within a few days we’ll post pictures of studio two in a similar state. In short, we’re on schedule to be ready for testing on February 1st, and prepared for our first lucky clients shortly thereafter.

We’ll be holding an open week in mid February – five days when friends, associates and any readers of this blog are welcome to drop in for a beer or whatever, a nibble and a good look round. Check out the monitors, check the various chill-out areas, check the live room and ogle the gear. Everyone is welcome.

Watch this space for details