Pt 19 – On Solid Ground

The build is finished, bar the snagging, and the results are beyond my wildest expectations.

This really is an exceptional space.

Last week was a flurry of activities. The piano arrived, the alarms went in and the carpets went down, not to mention Astroturf in the lobby and corridors. Wacky though it is, it feels perfect. And on Saturday we moved in the Neve desk, my Hammond, some screens and various sofas, fridges and chairs.

No longer a building site or even an empty space, Snap now has heart and soul = it finally feels like a studio.

And now we’re on familiar ground, installing miles of cables and a spaghetti of cables. Funky’s head tech, Steve Culnane, has designed and installed the infrastructure for some of the best studios in the world including Air Monseratt, Westside and Hook End Manor, to mention but a few. From the outset he has specified precisely what kind of cabling conduits we require, how large they should be (always provide at least twice the space you think you need) and where they should run – surface mounted behind the skirting rather than built into the walls, thereby damaging the integrity of acoustically designed surfaces.

The result of his careful specification is that for once Funky is installing gear in a studio build that is properly planned for such a sophisticated rig. It’s such a relief after all the studios we’ve had to deal with over the years where half our time and energy is spent trying to work around and rectify badly planned designs. But at Snap we have no problems with interference or proximity of mains and audio lines (the balanced mains takes care of that), inadequate provision for Cat 5, telephone lines, Internet and other infrastructure cabling (the overhead cable trays are infinitely flexible) or insufficient or inaccessible wiring conduits around the building. Steve’s wiring designs have been thorough and professionally prepared.

So Steve and wireman, Steve Meeus, are busy with the install in order to have a basic recording rig up and running over the Christmas break, to allow for dummy drum and band sessions to test the room acoustics.

Finished? Well, not quite. We’ll spend January completing the install, snagging odds and sods around the place, cleaning and securing the outside storage space, fitting the EMT plates and rigging the tile reverb room and running some serious recording sessions and tests in readiness for the official Snap opening day.

And when will that be?

February 1st.

We’ll have an open week in late January when friends and colleagues are invited to pop up for a bevy, a look around and a listen. See you there…