Pt 17 – The End Is Nigh

At last the build nears completion. Indeed, the main areas should be completed within a week, bar the snagging.

The control room is ready for monitor tests. The live room has a few more days work before it’s ready for tweaking. Only studio two remains to be blitzed, but this should be a relatively quick process. We’ll float the floors and build a room within a room, but hope the process will take no more than two weeks.

As with mixing an album, all the disparate pieces are finally coming together and order is replacing chaos. The variacs are in, the balanced mains and Juice Goose (110v transformer and conditioner) have been fitted. Ivor has spent the weekend testing the electrics, ready to certificate and sign off.

As the audio cabling is laid, we’ll snag the build. A long list of relatively minor fixes remain to be done, including…

  • Completing door seals
  • Fitting door handles and automatic door closers
  • Final fix for the alarm and fire systems
  • Internal security (programmable key fobs for studios one and two)
  • Fitting out the mic and tape store
  • Fitting work surfaces in the tech and office areas
  • Painting throughout
  • Carpets in the control room rear, ‘Blue Room’ (studio one lounge/overdub area) and studio two
  • Astroturf in reception and the lobby
  • Completing the kitchen; fitting a cooker hob and extractor
  • Sourcing sofas for various areas
  • Fitting my retro lighting clusters in the lounge and Blue Room
  • Final air con fix
  • Fitting variac front plates
  • Electricity cupboard doors


Dozens of minor fixes, tidies and final tweaks.

Hey – I thought this was a short list.

So we’re nearly there, 100% over schedule and 200% over budget.

Optimistically, we hope to have the audio installation done by Christmas ready for test over the new year break. Meanwhile, we need to install internet and Bluetooth, television and stereo links from control room to lounge (so mixes can be fed to a domestic environment from the two control rooms for comparison), door bells and entryphones, reverse talkback and playback into the live room and other areas, 75ohm coax for video distribution, foldback throughout, red recording and green safe lights outside recording areas, television and satellite feeds into the lounge, lino in the toilets and shower and dozens of other small but essential tweaks that will make Snap a relaxing and comprehensive home from home for visiting musicians and producers.

Hmmm…I’m beginning to think our Christmas deadline is somewhat optimistic.


Who’s bright idea was it to build a recording studio anyway?