Pt 10 – August 15th

Half way through the build.

The infrastructure is nearly complete, ready for Fritz, Fabien and Tom to get to work with fitting and tuning acoustic treatment. In around two weeks we’ll be ready for the reclaimed oak floor, finally sourced in darkest Yorkshire. And then the balanced mains transformers will be fitted and the special mains rings completed ready for the final electrical fix.

Meanwhile, work has commenced on ancillary areas such as chill rooms, kitchen, showers, toilets and the rest.

Overall, Snap still looks like a building site, but it feels like a studio in progress. It’s hard to see the massive amount of work that’s gone behind the scenes, but such is the nature of a recording studio. If the work is done well, clients will never realise just how much soundproofing, cabling, ducting, air conditioning and other hidden infrastructure lies behind the sleek exterior.

Such is the hope, at any rate.

We’re about to experience a string of heavy financial hits. So far, costs have been a few thousand pounds a week for labour and materials, with the occasional chunk for air conditioning and suchlike. But now we’ll have some hefty chunks on a regular basis – five grand for flooring, the same again for general electrics, double that for balanced mains and a string of lumps for acoustics, control room window and machine room glass, light fittings, kitchen units, building secure cages in the store room for flightcases and an overflow of keyboards, drums and outboard and…

Time to apply my mind to defining a precise equipment list and planning the install.

Things are moving quickly.