It’s the little things you don’t see that make the difference


Balanced Mains
The starting point for uncompromising audio is an ultra clean power supply.

Even the best conventional mains supply may carry low level noise. Worse still, standard mains can pick up radiated interference. Mains-borne noise may not be audible but it masks the true sound quality, subtly muddying the audio and clouding definition.

Balanced mains was fundamental to the Snap concept from the outset. Extra heavy-duty copper-core cabling has been installed throughout, terminating in special mains outlets. Massive balancing transformers are housed in the electrical distribution room with a bypass switch for those sceptics who want to hear the difference. And hear the difference they certainly will…

Of course, having an immeasurably low noise floor governed every other aspect of the build, from the ultra quiet air conditioning (separate systems for Studio One, the live room and Studio Two), double soundproofed doors and triple laminate-glazed control room windows.

The result? The quietest studio in the UK. Bar none.


Great performances demand the perfect mood so we’ve gone to inordinate lengths to allow musicians, engineers and producers total control of studio ambience.

Four separate lighting circuits in the live room and three in the control room can be independently selected and dimmed to create an almost infinite variety of lighting variations to suit every mood.

Rather than use the most expensive modern electronic dimmers, which risk radiating HF hum or buzz, we’ve gone the extra yard and fitted massive, old fashioned variac voltage attenuators, as used in Abbey Road and Air Studios. Variacs don’t come cheap, but they are the only professional solution where sound quality is paramount.

Need to light a photo-shoot or video? No problem. We had a massive 180 amp mains spur run into the studio with heavy duty sockets ready for the most comprehensive lighting rig or TV crews. Oh, and needless to say we have coax outlets throughout for video distribution.


Snap is proud to have worked hand in hand with the Swiss manufacturer of Vovox audio cable for our cabling requirements and we are the first (and to date, the only) studio utilising the ultra high quality Vovox Sonorus multicore cable for tie lines. The sound quality is truly remarkable, as if a veil has been lifted from the performance. Every nuance can now be heard. Highs and lows come to life as if the musicians are actually in the control room. And if proof is needed, we have parallel runs of standard, high-end oxygen free Van Damme cable (as used in other leading studios) to allow easy A/B comparison.

Needless to say, we’ve also installed Vovox Sonorus cables for monitors (with amps placed adjacent to speakers to minimise cable length) and other critical signal paths. But Snap being Snap, there is more…

For small acoustic sessions, whether solo piano, jazz, singer-songwriters or small combos, we’ve created a pure Vovox signal path, straight from studio tie-lines via eight Focusrite ISA 110 mic preamps to a Prism ADA8 converter or direct to the Ampex ATR102 half inch two track.

We guarantee there is no cleaner, purer way to record and master your precious performance.


With Snap, there’s always more. Including…

  • The easiest load-in around. Two metres from street to live room with no stairs.
  • Alternatively, park your truck in out adjoining garage and unload at your leisure, away from prying eyes.
  • Private garage parking for up to four cars with direct access to the studio, guaranteeing complete privacy.
  • Plenty of additional on-street parking including three dedicated studio spaces. No meters, no charge, no hassle.
  • Ample storage for flightcases, keyboards, drums and drum cases and the usual session overflow.
  • Cast iron security for your gear overnight. Comprehensive alarms with Red Care lines to central station are reinforced by massive steel shutters over all entrances.
  • Wi fi Internet throughout. Free, of course.
  • HD TV including Sky Sports.
  • Although Snap is close to pubs, restaurants, cafes and an all night Sainsbury’s Hypermarket (with café and off-licence) we’re happy to arrange catering in-house with a choice of menus.
  • Clean, spacious shower and two separate lavatories.
  • Huge selection of additional outboard, mics and guitars available for hire at short notice.