Cables & Installation

It doesn’t matter how splendipherous your gear may be, if it’s not properly installed it isn’t going to deliver the goods.

The joy of good cabling knows no bounds. Instead of snap, crackle and pop during that critical tracking or mix session, true silence will reign supreme. And unless you’re using a professional patchbay system, you’ll only be scraping the surface in terms of exploring the full potential of your gear and your creativity.

Boffin Island can supply the lot, from simple D-Sub looms or mic cables to a fully blown custom installation. We’ll advise, design, construct, install and commission anything from a single converter to a multi-room audio or audio visual studio complex.

Between them, our engineers have planned and constructed some of the largest studio installations in Europe but we’ve also turned many a bedroom into a mini Abbey Road, ensuring no-compromise results.

We stock a variety of patchbays, including Mosses and Mitchell and Signex D-Sub systems, patchcords, quality cabling including the Van Damme and Vovox range and just about every type of connector you’re likely to need, including the Neutrik XLR range and EDAC/DL professional multipins.

Whether you’re upgrading a home rig or shooting for the audio stars, give us a call or better still pop in and discuss your requirements over a piping hot soldering iron and a cuppa.

Please contact us to discuss your project.