Once upon a time, recording studios were large sprawling establishments offering long haired shabby-chic clients a world of audio luxury for a grand (or more) a day. As well as acres of live space, agoraphobic control rooms and more equipment than most sticks could comfortable be waived at, each and every studio had  a workshop full of spares and a couple of studio-tanned technicians to ensure that the equipment was maintained in ship-shape fashion.

How the world has changed…

Today’s musician, producer or engineer is more likely to hone his or her craft in a small production room housing an assembly of digiblah gear and the odd rack or two of peachy outboard and mics.

It’s not necessarily better. It’s not necessarily worse. But as sure as eggs is eggs, it’s different.

The transition may have democratised the means of production and slashed costs in keeping with the austere budgets now handed down by our friends at the recording and broadcast companies, but it has created a new problem – what to do about those niggling little faults or major blow-ups that threaten to turn that crucial hit session into a nightmare?

As a professional you rely upon the tools of your trade - your gear - to perform perfectly in every session. Breakdowns equate to downtime and lost earnings or even worse, lost clients. And that’s where Boffin Island comes in.

The engineers at Boffin Island have years of professional studio maintenance experience under their sprawling waistlines. From the BBC to Air Lyndhurst, Air Montserrat, Westside, Wessex, Strongroom, FX Rentals, Mayfair, Snap and beyond, Steve, Dave, Adam and Mattia have been there, done it and more often than not, lost the t-shirt in the process.

Boffin Island is internationally acknowledged as Europe’s leading centre of analogue excellence. With acres of spare parts, a skip-full of Neutrik, Audio Precision and other test equipment and sufficient brain power to test Marvin the melancholy robot, the resident boffins now keep scores of UK studios, producers and musicians on the technical road.

So why tolerate faulty gear when your friendly local tech shop can take the pressure off your shoulders?

Why indeed…