Please use the service enquiry form below and include as much relevant information as possible.

Please do not send in equipment without first getting confirmation from us that we are able to service the item(s) and a projected turnaround. Once we review the repair request, we will email you a job number and instructions on how to send the item to us.

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Equipment we DO NOT service.

  • Hi Fi
  • Semi Pro recording equipment
    (such as Mackie, Behringer etc)
  • Musical instruments
  • Digital fx boxes
  • Guitar PedalsFront line & back line
    (amp & speakers)
  • Digital multi-track & stereo recorders
  • Computers & DAW
    (including peripheral devices)
  • Camera or Video Microphones
  • Radio Microphones

Please supply as much information as possible so that our engineers can process as quickly as possible.

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Packing guidelines

Please follow these steps to ensure your equipment is sent safe and is not damaged in transit. Funky Junk will not accept any responsibility for any damage obtained during transit.


Wrapping the item
Make sure the item is wrapped properly before it goes into the box. For example use
bubble wrap or something if it gets knocked then it wont cause any damage to the item.


Choosing a box
Make sure you choose a box big enough for the item to go with enough space around it to give it some padding. For example foam packaging or even paper shreds can be used and is environmentally friendly. Recycle any packaging wherever possible here at Funky Junk we recycle all packaging and materials that come in and only buy in packaging where absolutely necessary.


Securing properly
Make sure the box is secured properly using strong packing tape and the Funky
Junk address is clearly visible on top of the box.