Steve Culnane

Steve started his career at the BBC in 1974 before moving to the recording industry and becoming involved in building or maintaining legendary studios such as Air Lyndhurst, Air Monserrat, Wessex, West Side and Outside Studios, and Audio One and Tape One studios and many more. In the 1990’s he took a sideways step into education, setting up and supervising the prestigious recording technology course at City Of Westminster College before returning to the coalface as head tech at Funky Junk/Boffin Island.

“All I wanted to do was study Astrophysics and Radio Astronomy but I ended up lowering the frequencies down to audio. A totally bewildering acceptance and job offer by the BBC gave me a superb technical training with them in the 70’s.

After working at many renowned studios, a “short” diversion into teaching saw me disappear into academia (with a no nonsense vocational approach) for over 10 years finally to emerge blinking and eventually arrive at Funky Junk about 8 years ago.
I have had the pleasure of knowing a swath of industry “household names”, yet through Funky Junk I still continue to meet talented and exceptional people that I am in total awe of. As my late father once said ‘Son, when are you going to get a proper job?'”

There can be few more experienced studio techs in the world. In particular, Steve can proffer unrivalled advice to anyone contemplating building or installing a professional studio. As opposed to the dozens of self-proclaimed ‘studio consultants’ littering the modern industry, Steve has been there and done it many times at the highest level.

Indeed, he even has the t-shirts. Unfortunately, he can’t remember which pub he left them in.