Apart from our wonderful house techs, we have regular freelancers who come in to either help us out with our work load or who come in for specific jobs which they are experts in. Some of our regular freelancers include:

Bob Stewart

Familiar to many as head tech at Townhouse Studios, Bob has particular responsibility for servicing and refurbishing SSL consoles. His wide-ranging knowledge of outboard and monitors allows us to offer an even better service to our growing client base of professional clients.

Chris Notton

Chris started life at Decca in the 1960s before moving to Abbey Road in the 1970s. An expert with analogue Ampex, Studer and Otari tape machines, he formed his own company in the 1980s specialising in servicing tape machines.

Although responsible for our analogue tape machines, Chris brings decades of experience to bear in renovating power amps, consoles and vintage outboard. Truly a legend in the UK audio industry and the only tech I know who still makes tea in the pot rather than a cup.

Lincoln Fong

Lincoln was staff engineer at the Cocteau Twin’s September Sound Studios before being recruited by Pete Townsend as head engineer for his Eel Pie studios. Although he continues to take care of Pete’s equipment, he chose to go freelance last year, since when we’ve booked all his available free time.

Lincoln’s attention to detail and skills are increasingly focused on making custom racks for Funky Junk, in particular a range of Focusrite ISA 110 and Calrec eq racks that are gobbled up by discerning customers as quickly as he can make them.

A valuable adjunct to our team.