Universal Audio Arrow – New Desktop Interface

Introducing the Universal Audio Arrow

Built on UA’s 60-year heritage of audio craftsmanship, Arrow is a Thunderbolt 3 bus‑powered audio interface for Mac and Windows that lets you shape your recordings into records.

With genuine UA audio conversion and a studio full of classic gear, Arrow delivers professionally polished tracks, right out of the box.

Universal Audio Arrow Main Features:

  • Desktop 2×4 Thunderbolt 3-powered audio interface with class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion
  • Unison mic preamp technology provides the tone, touch and feel of the world’s most sought-after tube and transformer-based mic preamps and guitar amplifiers from Neve®, API®, Manley®, Marshall®, Fender®, and more*
  • Realtime UAD Processing allows near-zero latency tracking with classic UAD plug-in effects, regardless of software buffer setting
  • Includes studio compressors, EQs, reverbs, and guitar amp emulations, and more as part of the “Realtime Analog Classics” bundle — featuring 14 quality UAD Plug-Ins
  • Bus-powered connection to modern Mac and Windows systems for easy portability and reduced cable clutter

The Universal Audio Arrow is now shipping! Get yours now!

  • Universal Audio Arrow Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Audio Interface

    Universal Audio Arrow Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Audio Interface

    The Universal Audio Arrow is a 2x4 compact Thunderbolt 3 audio interface with built in UAD-2 SOLO Core Processing for Mac and Windows platforms. The Universal Arrow's size give you a far more portable option and is bus powered so recording on the fly or in remote locations is now possible while still getting the benefit the excelent Universal Audio conversion as used in the Universal Apollo interfaces.

    £374.16ex VAT

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