The Eccentric Collection

For thirty five years I’ve been collecting audio treasures, which have been immaculately maintained and used on countless great recordings first at my Coach House studios with Mike Pelanconi, and for the last ten years up at SNAP! As I rationalise both the studio and my life, the time has come to part with some bits and pieces and release them to new homes, where hopefully they’ll continue to be appreciated. This list probably represents about a third of my collection and includes some ultra-rare and beautiful outboard and instruments. I’ll be sad to see them go, and wish I had more time to put everything to good use.

Mark Thompson; Eccentric Directions







ALLOTROPE EQ. Unique 2 blue mic pre/eq in rack. 1073/Trident A style. From a desk made for John Paul Jones in the early 70s £6000
BBC Marconi mirophones BBC Marconi x 2 Pair of Classic humongous BBC ribbons in great condition. Very rare (SOLD)

Belcaman C-102 BELCAMAN C-102 Compressors. Very rare 1960s tube comp/limiter refurbed and racked by Neil Perry. As used by Mike Oldfield £3000
Binson Echorec BINSON Echorec Overhauled by Lincoln Fong (SOLD)

DBX 165 DBX 165a x 2 (SOLD)
DECCA Mastering eq (SOLD)
DECCA Mastering compressors (SOLD)
Decca tube compressors DECCA Tube compressor (SOLD) The only other example I’ve seen is at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Maybe the Holy Grail of Decca compressors
Fairman SSL Compressor FAIRMAN SSL Compressor. Unique, I gather, very early Fairman version of SSL bus compressor. 1U rack mount. £3000
FJI solid comp FJI FJ Industries Solid Compressor in a 500 series format £1000
Master Room Super C spring reverb MIC MIX CSREQ-23, Super C Master Room Spring Reverb – a pair of large (4 foot) springs remote mounted with rack mount preamp (SOLD)
Mayfair eq MAYFAIR Eq x2 Extremely rare – Rosser (as used at Rockfield) 2 racked by Lincoln Fong (SOLD)
Mutron Biphase MUTRON Bi Phase Exceptionally good condition example of this classic fx

Neumann U73 tube comps NEUMANN Tube compressors. Pair of classic U73 tube vari-mu compressors in rack (SOLD)
NEVE 2252 x 2. Extremely rare 1960s germanium predecessors of the classic 2254 comp/limiters. Very few remain. Great condition

Neve 2262 NEVE 2262 x 4 Four discrete 33609 style comps with links rack by Neil Perry 3U (SOLD)
NEVE Sidecar. To take 12 x 33114/33115 pre/eq. Complete with aux, line amps etc but no eq (can be sourced) (SOLD)
Neve 31105 NEVE 31102. Classic 1073 style pre/eq with o/p transformer fitted in VK 2 way rack. Currently paired with… (SOLD) £3500
Heritage 1073 HERITAGE 1073 Modern Neve discrete pre/eq 1073 clone (SOLD) £1000
PUBLISON DHM 89 Rare Harmoniser. As used by Queen on many of their famous recordings. (SOLD)
Pultec EQH-2 x 2 PULTEC EQH-2 x 2. Lovely full range pairtube high/low programme equalisers. (SOLD)
PYE Compressors. Pair of classic Pye comps. Well maintained (SOLD) £6000
RCA 44BX An all time classic. Serviced by Wes Dooley (SOLD)
retro 176 RETRO 176 Tube Limiting Amp (SOLD) £1800
Roland-dimension-D ROLAND Dimension D Classic phase/chorus effect. (SOLD)
ROLAND Flanger. (SOLD)
Schoeps-sphere SCHOEPS Sphere. Stereo ‘sphere’ mic. Superb for strings and pianos. Serviced by Schoeps £3000
SONGBIRD FS-1 Phaser/splitter Cyclosnics. A rare and wonderful 1U rack (SOLD) £1000
SONY Sony C800 with psu (SOLD)
Soundscourge mic preamp SOUNDSCOURGE Mic Preamp. Modern Neve mic pre clone. External psu £1000
STC PGS Ribbon Mics. Beautiful condition. Designed and made for the BBC


Studer-A827 STUDER A827. Extremely clean and well maintained £6000
STUDER 16 tr headstack. Very low hours. ATR Magnetics (£10k new) (SOLD)
TANNOY Lockwoods. Large main monitors with original Red (Pink) dual concentric speakers. Originally from Basing Street. Highly collectable (SOLD)
TELETRONIX LA2A. Excellent example of this tube classic (SOLD)
UREI 1176 (SOLD)






EPIPHONE USA Acoustic. Great recording guitar. (SOLD)

EPIPHONE Emperor Thinline. Top line 1960s ‘thinline Emperor. Large body semi (a la 335) with 3 pickups.

Super rare, this is only one of 17 Epiphone ES112TN Emperor Thinline guitars made by Gibson in the 1960s after they purchased Epiphone. Top of the range with a cast array of tonal colours, large (17.5 inch) body a deluxe case, this is a very rare collector’s item – and a stunning player’s instrument. Utterly gorgeous.

EPIPHONE 12 string its a BARD – Gibson made – J45 12 string equivalent. Spruce top. Case. Fat, full bodied US sounds (mid 1960s)

FENDER Rhodes. 73 note.(SOLD) £1800
FENDER Electric 12. Hockey Stick’ 1966 electric 12

FENDER Pro Reverb Amp head £700
FENDER Bassman Amp head. £700
HOHNER Organaphone Combo. 2 x 12. late 1970s I believe. Great little recording combo


OBERHEIM OBMX. 2 voice. A bit scruffy. £800
PROPHET VS rack. From the age when men were lads and synths were synths £2000
ROLAND MKS80/PG80 Classic analogue synth with programmer. £4000
ROLAND MKS80 As above without programmer (can be sourced) £2500
ROLAND TR808 Clean and groovy
ROLAND MKS70. Classic analogue synth unit £1000
ROLAND Jazz Chorus. A studio classic

WALLACE AC 3500 Amp. Refurbished by Neil Perry. Perhaps the ultimate studio bass amp head. Stunning sound. Super quiet (SOLD) £1500