Studer A80 Preview Machine

Here’s something you don’t see every week of the day… a lovely STUDER A80 PREVIEW MACHINE.

Studer A80 Preview Tape Machine
In the days when mice were mice and records were vinyl, master recordings were committed to analogue tape to be cut on vinyl lathes to make a stamper to press discs. Part of the process involved delaying the signal so that the PRE lathe signal could be compared to the POST CUT signal – a process that utilises a digital delay these days. Now, digital being digital, analogue being analogue and the Russians running the White House, things aren’t as dreamy-eyed and halcyon as they once were and smidges of the market now demand full blooded orange juice with their breakfast and analogue sounds to digest. Traditional tape based mastering is now creeping back like a cat burglar up a drainpipe meaning our techs are eyeballed up to their engagements restoring and renovating the best of yesteryear’s technology to furnish the best of tomorrowyear’s recordings – after all who else can do this?
(You don’t have to be mad to work at Funky Junk so it must just be coincidence…).

This machine is heading for a continental client but let us know if you need one; we always like a good laugh.

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