SSL Fusion In Stock and on Demo

SSL Fusion Back in Stock and On Demo

Created with the modern hybrid studio in mind, the SSL Fusion could be considered something of a Swiss-Army Knife when it comes to outboard processing, and with so many of us having committed to the clinical convenience of ‘in-the-box’ mixing, it’s no wonder the desirability of true analogue modelling has got us all hankering after some outboard action.

SSL Fusion now on demoThe SSL Fusion provides something that, whilst relatively simple in principle, does its job extremely well (as you might expect with so much experience behind the steering wheel) and lays it all out in a package that’s both convenient and streamlined. From subtle low end transformer-based saturation, through to dedicated High Frequency compression (aimed specifically at smoothing out those harsh digital highs), the Fusion’s feature set, combined with high quality connectivity has awarded it a well-earned place amongst both serious hobbyists and pro studios alike. With an all new ‘Violet’ EQ (the first SSL have developed in over 20 years) and a unique non-linear harmonic enhancement circuit in the form of a ‘Vintage Drive’ section, it provides the perfect toolset for adding warmth and weight to digital mixes.

Sound quality aside, The SSL Fusion has quite rightly found its place amongst studios of all sizes for its ease of use and sheer simplicity. With no significant recall burden and an appealing form factor, the Fusion takes everything we love about analogue treatment and squeezes it into a characterful and feature-rich 2u package.

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