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Sound Zero Acoustics

Funky Junk partner up with acoustic solutions experts Sound Zero!

Sound Zero Acoustic Wall PanelSound Zero offer a comprehensive range of bespoke acoustic solutions for anything from professional recording studios to commercial spaces and specialist environments. They’ve worked on a number of high-profile projects for an impressive list of clients (Universal Music Group, The Natural History Museum, Facebook HQ and Stella McCartney, to name a few). From anachoic chambers to retail spaces, they’ve quite literally covered it.

We’re extremely proud to be partnering with Sound Zero to produce the first of many dedicated modular acoustic studio solutions, available as either a complete set or individual panels. What really sets Sound Zero apart is their commitment to working with clients to develop totally unique acoustic concepts. From recycled cork cladding to a ‘living wall’ of acoustically absorbent moss, their solutions go way beyond the underwhelming dull grey panelling typical of most acoustic panelling. The possibilities for custom designs are endless; just head over to their website for some examples of what we mean!

The panels feature multiple layers of material, varying in density and structure for superb effective absorption across the frequency spectrum, with a customisable top layer that can be designed to suit your own environment. The clever modular stud design means that installing them is a breeze, requiring minimal effort whilst offering unparalleled flexibility (and minimum risk to your walls!).

We have off-the-shelf packages available, but if you have something specific in mind and would like something bespoke then get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Sound Zero Modular Studio Acoustics Full Set

Sound Zero MSA Full Set consists of 2 x MSA Wall Panels and 2 x MSA Bass for broad absorption across the frequency spectrum. Simple to install, highly effective and perfect for the professional project studio looking to tame acoustical issues within there space.

£499.17 ex VAT / £599 Inc VAT

Sound Zero Modular Studio Acoustics Wall Panel

The Modular Studio Acoustics (MSA) system by Sound Zero has been inspired by traditional acoustic treatment techniques, and adapted for the modern recording enthusiast. The MSA Wall Panel system comes equipped with its own mounting system which is developed to help users fine tune their listening and recording environments with ease.

£114.17 ex VAT / £137 Inc VAT

Sound Zero Modular Studio Acoustics Bass Trap

Sound Zero MSA Bass Trap control that pesky low-end resonance with Bass traps that really work. Incorporate our modular bass trapping system into any corner with a simple click and hear the difference.

Our bass traps comprise of a high mass composite that is designed to specifically reduce low frequency induced anomalies in your critical listening environment.

£137.50 ex VAT / £165 Inc VAT

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