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Another Funky ExclusiveBack in the distant mists of not so very long ago Soundwave Research Laboratories in the USA designed, patented and produced a range of ribbon mics under the brand name ‘Crowley and Tripp.’ I’m not sure whether there ever was a Mister Crowley, or a Mister, Missus or Miss Tripp come to that, or whether the name has some obscure significance, but despite this the mics became firm favourites with leading engineers and recordists worldwide.

In 2009 the range was sold to Shure, perhaps the world’s most famous and largest manufacturer of microphones. Shure wanted a presence in the fast growing ribbon market and had the sense to acquire an existing cutting edge technology rather than spend years (and a fortune) developing their own.

Two mics have resurfaced from the ashes of Crowley and Tripp, both identical to the originals other than the Shure branding and designation.

SHURE KSM313 (formerly the Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye Roswellite). Was £999 ex VAT / NOW £849 ex VAT!Shure KSM313 Dual Voice Ribbon Mic


Featuring a near destructible ribbon (making it suitable for micing kick drum, bass and other high spl signals) this mic offers different responses on the front and back, making it extremely versatile for a variety of purposes. For example, the -3dB points on the front are 80Hz and 7kHz for the front, vs. 55Hz and 10.5kHz for the rear.

The mic transformers are designed in house and are heavily shielded to reduce noise floor. The mics are supplied in an attractive wooden box with a stand mount and carried a lifetime warranty.

Shure have recently reduced the price on these great mics, making them accessible to all serious recordists. We’re going to help further by offering great prices, demo units to try on session and immediate availability.

Give the KSM313 a try next time you have a session. You never know – you could join a growing number of fanatical believers.




SHURE KSM353 (formerly the Crowley and Tripp ‘El Diablo’ – don’t you just lurve them whacky Yanks?). Was £1890 ex VAT / NOW £1699 ex VAT!

Shure KSM353 Bi-Directional Ribbon Microphone


As someone else wrote…The El Diablo was the first ribbon mic from Crowley and Tripp to use their acoustic nanofilm ribbon material, later trademarked “Roswellite.” The mic was created following a challenge from Fletcher of Mercenary Audio to produce a ribbon mic tough enough to work for a kick drum: “the sound of a 421 inside the drum and a 47fet out by the hole.”

The ribbon material is a thin, superelastic composite material that is capable of withstanding extreme SPL without deformation. It has industry-leading “shape memory,” which essentially means it is impervious to blowouts due to wind blasts or even inadvertent application of phantom power.

As with the more budget 313, we’re offering stonking deals, demo units and stock to help spread the word. For less than the price of a package holiday to Kathmandu you can have a truly versatile and invaluable addition to your mic cupboard.



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