Rare BBC PGS Ribbon Mics

Four of these very rare and very special PGS (Pressure Gradiant Single) ribbon mics arrived today in beautiful condition.

Designed and made for the BBC in very limited quantities – launched in 1956 – they delivered exceptional results and because of the unique design, large magnet and hand made construction, offered the top end missing from most ribbon mics. Unfortunately, they proved too costly to manufacture in quantity, so a scaled down version with a smaller magnet and a simpler designed went into production – the ubiquitous Coles (STC) 4038.


These are the first I’ve ever seen in my decades of being involved with recording equipment, and I’m afraid I’m going to keep a pair for Snap Studios BUT… that leaves a pair for a very lucky client (I’d prefer to sell as a pair rather than two singles), but one pair only so best move quickly. Please get in touch!

More info can be found here…