Prism Sound Launches New Flagship Modular Converter, Dream ADA-128

Prism Sound are well regarded for developing arguably the best converters on the market, and yesterday marked a new milestone in the company’s history. The Dream ADA-128 represents a new standard in modern converter technology, delivering up to 128 channels of pristine 32-bit conversion at sample rates of up to 768Khz alongside unparalleled levels of flexibility and I/O.

The ADA-128 will no doubt appeal to large recording and post-production facilities that demand high channel counts and independent, multi-room adaptability and connectivity. The ability to synchronise I/O cards to create 4 separate time domains (each with its own sample rate and clock) is a big plus, with low-jitter, flexible routing and Prism Sound’s next generation converter technology also having evolved (more on that later).

As Prism Sound’s Sales Director, Mark Evans put it: “This is the first product of a new generation of Prism Sound converters and we are confident that it will be well received by audio professionals across many different disciplines, including music recording, post production, broadcast and installation. It builds on everything that is great about Prism Sound conversion but takes it to a new level in terms of power and flexibility. It is also a very cost effective solution for people who require a high channel count – to put this into perspective, for 128 channels of our flagship ADA-8XR conversion it would cost approximately £25,000 more and take up a lot more space in a rack!”

It’s clear that Prism Sound’s ‘no compromise’ design philosophy has been applied in the development of the Dream ADA-128 and whilst it’s no doubt a reassuringly expensive converter, it also adds up be an extremely cost-effective, high-end solution when considering what’s included within its single 2u chassis. The fact of the matter is, in almost every aspect, there is simply nothing else like it on the pro audio market – and that’s exciting.

An ADA-128 chassis will retail at approximately £5,000 with Host cards from £750 and I/O cards from £1,650.