New Product: Retro Revolver Tube Compressor

The new Retro Revolver is a revolution in a rack!

Featuring a highly desired compression signature and ideal for the stereo bus, the new Retro Revolver tube compressor is sure to become one of the biggest hits of the year.


Retro describe the 2-channel compressor as “based on the sound of the British Invasion”, giving it that desired sweetness and warmth, whilst acting naturally. It excels at tracking and mixing as well as mastering.

Retro Revolver Dual-Channel Tube Compressor Main Features:

  • A most desired compression signature
  • Ideal for the stereo bus and excels at tracking, mixing and mastering
  • Independent controls with stereo linking
  • Continuously variable input, output, attack, release and threshold
  • Dual Threshold Control allows control of ratio and amplifier saturation
  • Low noise and high separation
  • Differential all-tube signal path
  • Transformer-balanced inputs and outputs on XLR connectors
  • Illuminated VU meters
  • Front panel meter zero controls
  • Internal tube balancing facility
  • 120 or 240 Volt operation

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