New Gear Round-Up | October 2019

There’s been some exciting developments in recent weeks and a few noteworthy additions to our catalogue, so we thought we’d round-up a few of our favourites. With new arrivals from the likes of Retro Instruments, Quested, and a big-hitter from SSL (announced at the 2019 AES convention), there’s plenty here to whet your appetite. Most are now either available (if not immediately, to pre-order) or on demo here at Funky Junk, HQ, so get in touch for details.



BAE 73EQL 500 Series Module

Diminutive in size, but packing all the vintage flavour we’ve come to expect from BAE, the newly released and hotly anticipated BAE 73EQL 500 Series module packs all the craftsmanship and sonic pedigree of their classic 1073 lineup into a lunchbox friendly format. The 73EQL builds on the success of their 1073MPL 500 Series Preamp, and having spent two decades developing and building the 1073 (longer than any other company) it’s clear the effort was well worth it. Getting the 1073’s classic circuitry into an impossibly small package whilst retaining the authenticity of the sonic character is no mean feat, and suffice to say they’ve managed it without compromising on quality, materials or workmanship.




Here’s something very exciting indeed. The Super 6 is a British-made 12-voice polyphonic, binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer designed and built in Bristol. Combining state of the art FPGA digital hardware oscillators and voltage controlled analog technology, it promises to deliver all the immediacy (and fun) we’ve come to know and love from classic synths from the likes of Roland, Korg and Yamaha . According to U.D.O, it’s “robust, compact and cries out to be played”. If it sounds as good as it looks (and we’ve heard it does), we’re inclined to agree.

We’ll have one in-store and on demo very soon, so watch this space…




Building off the back of the hugely successful Console 1, the folks over at Softube have just announced a new addition to the family – The Console 1 Fader. Featuring high-quality touch sensitive 100mm Alps motorised faders, the Console 1 Fader follows the same principle as its older sibling – allowing immediate and intuitive control over volume levels, saturation, filtering, drive and drive character (with the bundled Tube and Discrete console emulations) and more. With 10 faders at your fingertips, Softube’s interface allows you to easily ‘page up’ for switching between which 10 channels you have control over – ideal for larger projects with high track counts.

SPECIAL OFFER: The Complete Desk Experience | From now until the end of December we’re offering the Console 1 & Console 1 Fader with an additional FREE American Class A channel strip plugin for £749 ex VAT (a whopping saving of £270 from MSRP!). For more info, click here.


ON DEMO – QUESTED V2104 Nearfield/Compact Monitoring System

The V2104 is the latest model in Quested’s V-Series range of active, powered, monitors. The compact, ported, direct radiator design utilises a 4”/100mm paper cone bass driver and a 28mm /1 1/8th” soft-dome high frequency unit. Power is derived from a 2-channel class D module, chosen primarily for its sonic performance and also for its compact dimensions, keeping the cabinet size to an absolute minimum. The diminutive size of the V2104 makes it the perfect choice for a portable monitor with the special edition MiniRedz (pictured here) version including a shoulder carry case. These tiny monitors exhibit a nice, wide sweet spot, excellent clarity throughout the mid-range and a very neutral frequency response to our ears, making them the ideal solution for engineering on the move when consistency in mix translation is paramount.


Austrian Audio OC818 (Live Set)

The Austrian Audio OC818 Multi-Pattern Large-Diaphragm condenser could well be considered the closest thing you’ll find to a classic AKGC414 EB.

Sporting a hand-made CKR12 ceramic capsule, engineered to the same critical specifications as the finest legacy CK12 capsules available today, the OC818 not only offers stellar sonic quality, but also features some very nifty technology. A dual-diaphragm design allows the option of recording two separate feeds off of each membrane, letting the engineer fine tune each with separate polarisation, pad values and roll-of/high pass values. These can then be blended or selected based on the desired effect, and you can even create and save your own custom polar patterns (up to 255 of them!) using the free Polarpilot App.

Entirely hand-made in Europe, these mics might boast stunning build-quality and impressive tech, but ultimately it’s the sound that make these so special. Available now.



Among the biggest news to come out of the 2019 AES Convention was the new SSL Origin console. Fully modular, in-line (so offering 64 channels plus fx returns on mix), parametric eq, four mono and two stereo aux/cue sends and everything else you might want from a true-blue SSL (including sufficient rack space in the centre section to mount a DAW control) this smashes the professional console price barrier. Around seven feet wide and four feet deep (and a very solid 150kg), I can see this finding a home in commercial, private and production studios, education and any other application where quality and versatility are required. Sure, it lacks automation, but these days so many of us work in the box, this is a secondary requirements.

We can offer the Origin on its own or as the centre piece of a complete studio package including design and installation, for further details and enquiries, drop us a line here.




Retro Pre 500

Retro 500 Pre

Take a look inside the new Retro 500 Pre and you’ll probably be as surprised as we were to see what they’ve managed to achieve in such a compact package. Squeezing in three juicy 12AT7 tubes, the Retro 500pre is a character-piece; delivering the exact same topology and sound as Retro Instruments’ best-selling tube compression amplifier. This small-but-mighty module oozes analog vibe and character, whilst maintaining the same class-leading frequency response, noise, and distortion typical of the Retro product line. With natural tube-limiting capabilities courtesy of both an input and output gain stage, the 500 pre is equally capable of producing subtle analog warmth as it is aggressive, crunch-factor.