Monitor Month – ATC Loudspeakers

ATC are industry standard monitors for professional studios, producers, broadcast and post-production engineers worldwide. For this reason, demand always outstrips supply, so we make sure to carry stock in depth at the best professional prices.

And remember, we are the only ATC dealer to carry the range on permanent demonstration in our unique Monotorium and Minitorium acoustically designed speaker demonstration rooms. Compare the SCM20A, SCM25a, SCM45a and SCM150A-SLP Pro to the best professional monitors on the market in your own time and with your own music. Fill in the form on our website to book a slot.

ATC Loudspeakers on Permanent Demo:


ATC SCM20ASL Nearfield MonitorsATC SCM20ASL Pro MkII 2-way Active Monitors (pair)

The ATC SCM20ASL Pro MkII Active 2-Way Monitors are babies of the active ATC professional range. Although two-way, they have a full sound and are perfect for small rooms, mobiles, broadcast and edit suites.

List Price: £3,937.00 (Ex vat) Call for Funky Price



ATC SCM25A Pro MonitorsATC SCM25A Pro 3-way Active Monitors (pair)

The ATC SCM25A Pro active studio monitor has been one of the major audio success stories of recent years, and were the first in a range of mid-priced/mid-sized monitors that bought uncompromising ATC quality to smaller professionals studios at an affordable price.

List Price: £6,200.00 (Ex vat) Call for Funky Price



ATC SCM45A 3-way studio monitorsATC SCM45A Pro 3-way Active Monitors (pair)

Based upon the astonishingly popular ATC SCM25A Pro: the larger ported enclosure houses two nine inch bass drivers in addition to three inch mid and a tweeter to offer a more powerful bottom end with more headroom.

List Price: £7,605.00 (Ex vat) Call for Funky Price



ATC SCM150ASL Main MonitorsATC SCM150ASL Pro 3-way Active Monitors (pair)

The ATC SCM150ASL Pro has become increasingly popular for larger studios in recent years. Best described as SCM100s with a fifteen inch rather than a twelve inch bass driver, the 150s are starting point for what I would describe as ATC Main Monitors. Plenty of manufacturers make monitors in this (£10K+) price range but most struggle in comparison with the SCM150s; a true, accurate and meaty pro monitoring rig.

List Price: £13,525.00 (Ex vat) Call for Funky Price



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