March of the Microphones #3: Vintage Mics!

March of the Microphones

March of the Microphones #3 | Vintage Mics

As (probably) Europe’s foremost supplier of high quality used recording microphones, we have a regular throughput of excellent classic mics, all supported with our unique service and warranty backup.

Of course, we don’t just sell them, we know them. Our SNAP! Studio has around 80 mics in the cupboard so we have daily experience of using and positioning every manner of microphone in the most demanding critical situation. This means you’ll get unbiased advice on the end of the phone based upon actual experience, not regurgitated on-line prejudice.

This Month we’ve got in some very special vintage microphones for you, here’s the highlights:

Neumann U67 at Funky JunkNeumann U67 Vintage Tube Microphone

Revered as one of the top vocal mics of all time, the ’67 could easily be regarded as one of the finest ‘workhorse’ mics ever made; excelling on vocals, acoustic guitar, drum overheads and just about everything in-between. Full-bodied and rich-sounding, with a characteristically present midrange that sits (vocals, in particular) comfortably in the mix, this is a rare opportunity to acquire a truly special microphone in excellent vintage condition. Holy grail?

£6,000 (ex. Vat)


Microtech Gefell UM 92.1 sMicrotech Gefell UM 92.1 S

The Gefell UM92.1s is a modern take on a revered Neumann tube classic, made in the best European tradition.

£1,800 (ex. Vat)


Neumann KM86 MicrophoneNeumann KM86 Multipattern Condenser Microphone

Neumann KM86 Multi-Pattern FET Condenser Microphone with two KK84 small-diaphragm Cardioid capsules mounted back-to-back.


£1,600 (ex. Vat)


Neumann KM85Neumann KM85 Condenser Microphones

Superb Neumann KM85 mics (without badges) same as the KM84 but with a fixed low-end roll off. 8 available.


£750 (ex. Vat)



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