Manley 30th Anniversary Deals

Gearing Up for Christmas with Manley at Funky Junk



Manley Variable Mu Tube Compressor

Manley Variable Mu on sale at Funky Junk

An audio industry classic and mainstay of leading artists, producers and studios worldwide. Dual mono or stereo, the Variable Mu adds depth, vibe and musicality to programme material, making it perfect for tracking vocals, bass, acoustic guitars or sweetening a mix. The version with stepped pots is an indispensable go-to tool for mastering.

Variable-Mu Tube Compressor with Hi-Pass Filter: List £4,000 ex VAT

Mastering Version With Stepped Pots: List £5,230 ex VAT

Anniversary Price: £CALL



Massive Passive Stereo Tube Equaliser On Sale At Funky Junk

A ‘must have’ from the day it was released. One of the most versatile and comprehensive equalisers on the market, the Massive Passive is perfect for tweaking out problematic frequencies, bringing life, warmth and sparkle to a track as well as sweetening mixes.

Available as a standard and mastering version (with stepped pots), the Massive Passive is now very much an industry standard.

Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ: List £5,100 ex VAT

Massive Passive Mastering Stereo Tube EQ: List £6,010 ex VAT

Anniversary Price: £CALL



Manley Elop+ Limiter on sale at Funky Junk

My personal favourite, this simple dual/stereo optical tube limiter used to live over my mix bus. Even when bypassed, the tube electronics added a gentle colouration that enhanced every mix. Perfect for tracking vocals, acoustic guitars or limiting drums, optical limiters are virtually impossible to overload, meaning they are reliable, transparent and efficient for almost all applications.


ELOP PLUS Dual/Stereo Optical Tube Limiter: List £2,270 ex VAT

Anniversary Price: £CALL



Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone on sale at Funky Junk

In the tradition of classic Austrian tube mics, the Reference Cardioid is perhaps the most affordable high-end tube microphone on the market and is the favourite among thousands of musicians, engineers and producers around the world. With a characteristically full and creamy tube sound, vocals tracked with the Cardioid Reference Microphone have a presence that makes them stand out from the backing track without crowding it out. Whether you need a single mic for tracking or additional mics for the locker, this is a must.

Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone: List £2,730 ex VAT

Anniversary Price: £CALL


To celebrate their 30th anniversary Manley Laboratories have announced a special limited edition version of their iconic Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone, featuring upgraded power supply circuitry to improve the already low noise floor. 

Only one of these fantastic mics has been allocated to the UK and at £2,600 ex VAT will surely prove a great investment as well as one of the best vocal microphones money can buy.


EveAnna Manley Talking Heads Interview at Funk Junk

We caught up with ‘Manley Tube Queen’ and all-round inspiration – EveAnna Manley, who spared a few minutes to give us her insight into the history of Manley equipment, her motivations, interests and where to point the business end of a soldering iron…fascinating stuff!

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