Liam Gallagher’s Solo Album Recorded at Snap!

The FUNKY difference…

Liam Gallagher solo album ‘As You Were’ outselling rest of the top 20 combined. Read more here

The world is crawling with proaudio equipment suppliers who claim to be the biggest and the best. Bless…
We prefer not to make loud boasts but would rather plod along in our old-fashioned way concentrating on customer service and assisting our clients make music; after all, the technology we sell is a means to a (musical) end, not an end in itself.
Where others trumpet their ‘expertise’ (based upon a year or few in the classroom and the same on-line equipment reviews that you and I read), we use our years of experience in the industry not merely to provide gear we know and trust, not merely to advise how to get the best results, not merely to assist clients with their set-ups but to design, build, install, commission and operate some of the best recording studios in the world.
So here is the Funky difference; whether you need a mic lead or a complete recording rig, a microphone repairing or a high-end installation, we offer the same level of service and advice that top professionals throughout the world rely upon to make their records. In short, Funky is an internationally acknowledged centre of industry excellence.

Sure, it’s the easiest thing in the world to make wild claims, which is what so many other audio suppliers do. We prefer to let results speak for themselves and we’re proud to be involved with many of this year’s biggest selling albums including Liam Gallagher’s ‘As You Were’ which was largely recorded and mixed at SNAP! Studios. For those who don’t know, SNAP! was designed, built, installed, equipped and is managed entirely by Funky Junk and has received a host of industry awards including the prestigious Music Producer’s Guild Studio of the Year award (alongside such luminaries as Abbey Road, British Grove and RAK Studios).

Our customers have the benefit of advice from people who have not merely read reviews but have USED the equipment we sell in the most demanding professional sessions. We can advise on every aspect of studio design, build and equipping not based on theory but from a background of designing and supplying every level of system, from low-end hobby to the very highest professional rig. But rest assured, all our customers are equally important, no matter what their ambitions or budget.

We’re an old fashioned bunch really; happy to plod along concentrating on technical excellence, customer service and support and MUSIC rather than puffing up our credentials with false claims and hype.


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