#GUFC Quested V2104, SB10R and SBC250 bundle

Boom Boom shake the room with new Quested V2104, SB10R and SBC250 bundle for £3,150! On special bundle offer and demo at Funky Junk London


In mixing for the modern age smaller monitors can be helpful for making sure that the sound will translate to the tiny speakers it will inevitably end up being played on the most. However with the extreme low end necessary for most modern music a sub is great for separating the 808s from the bass and really being able to hear what’s going on down there. However subs can get a bit tricky, so Quested have designed the SBC250 to give you full control over your sub with full, remote crossover and phase management.

This bundle is designed for that purpose. A portable rig that sounds great and helps you forge a mix that will translate over both a phone speaker and a club rig. Get that bass booming and those hi-hats rolling!


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